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Media Release: World Premiere for Local Sci-Fi Movie

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Samantha Kacin in the role of "Blah" in Redemption 101. The Zinaxin Warrior (Tony Orchard) and Officer Reynolds(Carmel Livingstone) relaxing on the set. Redemption 101 Crew, featuring Paul Day(front) as Captain Lazlow. Back left to right: Andrew Neilson, Carmel Livingstone, Melissa Hawira, William Kellar, Natalie Bucceri

Queensland-made feature films are rare beasts - only a handful are produced each year, so the release of independent sci-fi movie “Redemption 101” in March 2006 was a significant milestone for all concerned. Written and directed by Dr. Paul Day, “Redemption 101” is the first feature film for Angel Studios, Mt Gravatt. It is a light-hearted movie that revolves around the quirky crew of the starship Redemption as they transport an ambitious bishop and his entourage to the remote Orion star system. The fun starts when they answer a distress call from an isolated planet and encounter some aliens who are not what they seem.

Inspired by the sci-fi films and TV shows of the 60's and 70's, like Star Trek and Doctor Who, Rededmption 101 maintains a distinctly Australian flavour. Its self-funded budget of around $5000 is only a small fraction of what is normally spent on a movie these days. It was made possible by the vision of Dr. Paul Day and the dedication of around 40 local actors and crew who donated their time to the project.

Paul was motivated to write and produce a feature film when he saw how few opportunities there were for actors in Brisbane. Although he had never made a feature film before, he had acted in a couple of movies as a teenager and always had an interest in movie production. Paul is also an experienced photographer, and had produced music videos and documentaries through Angel Studios. So armed with a small amount of money and a large dose of enthusiasm, he took the plunge and started a two year mission to create his masterpiece and give others a chance to fulfill their dreams as well.

If the movie does well, the original cast is keen to come back and make a sequel, or even a series, hopefully with the help of some external funding this time.

Redemption 101 was released straight to DVD after the public had a chance to see it on the big screen and to meet the stars at the premiere and DVD launch on March 24th 2006 at the Schonell Cinema, St Lucia. The movie is rated M.

A limited re-release of the DVD is planned for 2012 to coincide with the release of the prequel Beyond Redemption (The Visitor)